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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Huffington Post: Don't Stifle Florida's Education Innovation

In Don't Stifle Florida's Education Innovation, the Huffington Post adds its voice to the chorus of Florida residents trying to preserve the integrity and value of Florida Virtual School:

Florida has been a leader in education innovation over the last decade, but one bill currently under review by the state senate's Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means--Senate Bill 1676--threatens to wipe much of that out with one misguided and foolhardy swipe.

In its present form, the bill restricts the Florida Virtual School (FLVS)--one of the bigger policy and public education innovation success stories--in such ways that, as its president, Julie Young, said, "[it] would drastically impact our long-standing commitment to support the educational needs of all students of this state."

This would be tragic, as FLVS possesses many of the hallmarks of an innovation that has the opportunity to help transform public education from its present monolithic, one-size-fits-all form into a far more student-centric experience. ...

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