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Monday, April 21, 2008

HSLDA Plies Florida Homeschoolers

Some of you may have seen or received a solicitation from Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) titled, “Join the Coalition to Protect Homeschool Freedom.”

The letter is little more than an opportunistic scare tactic, taking advantage of people’s concerns about CA. If HSLDA seems right for you, that's great, but as with any group that would have you part with your money in the interest of "protecting" you, LIFE recommends being fully informed about the organization.

Among other things, their solicitation says, “Frankly, we never know when or from where the next challenge will come. It could come from a piece of legislation, a court ruling, or even a knock on your front door.

If that sounds a lot like a home security ad, that's because it's exactly the type of fear-based persuasion the “knock on your front door” suggestion is supposed to invoke. And it's especially insulting here in FL, with our homeschool friendly environment and varied and successful choice programs that have families all over the state learning in dozens of different ways that rarely provoke an unfriendly knock on the door.

But FL is exactly where HSLDA is trying to get a better foothold. It’s apparently working on a FL affiliate program where they’re offering folks gift cards for new member referrals. Fear for you homeschool freedoms no longer – now you’re safe and you can go shopping.

Among the membership benefits they offer:

-"the freedom to homeschool without having to face legal threats alone."

Most homeschoolers never face a legal threat for homeschooling, and HSLDA even admits as much, stating on their website: “The vast majority of contacts member families face are successfully resolved through our early intervention without any court action.” Fortunately, LIFE and even other homeschooling friends can usually help you resolve any concerns without court action or cost.

-For those who do wind up in court, HSLDA promises” full representation at every stage of legal proceedings” – unless you’re divorced, not homeschooling acceptably, or you’re a grandparent and facing problems with parents, among other things. They also add this little caveat: “ Consistent with Internal Revenue Service regulations, we cannot guarantee representation in every case. “

They also say they offer these “valuable” benefits:

- "Online Curriculum Market where you can save a lot of money buying and selling homeschool-related materials and books. Anyone can sell, but only HSLDA Members may purchase items (and it's free)."

Join them for $115 a year, and it’s free "for a limited time" to buy stuff their auction site.

-"Weekly Updates and e-lerts that call our members to action. We track state and federal bills in regard to homeschooling, then inform you of those bills."

You can actually subscribe to their update and e-lerts without joining. And they certainly do track a lot of stuff, including civil and human rights concerns that have nothing to do with home education, and which they generally do their best to oppose, using your money to fund their personal agenda.

-They’ll also give you “discounts on home and auto insurance, school supplies, hotel reservations, and much more.

Homeschoolers are a one stop market for HSLDA – they’ll sell you everything under the sun!

-"Access to coordinators who can answer your questions and help you find resources for homeschooling through high school and meeting the special needs of struggling learners."

Basically what LIFE does for you for for free, and what we all routinely do for each other in our homeschool communities.

-And they conduct research: “HSLDA has initiated research and compiled statistical evidence of homeschool achievement in conjunction with the National Home Education Research Institute.”

NHERI is a pretty biased research organization and, in partnership with HSLDA, can get the numbers to say pretty much what they’d like for the purposes that they decide.

You can learn more about HSLDA at and if you ever really do need legal assistance, they’re not the only homeschool legal help around.


Association of Homeschool Attorneys

National Home Education Legal Defense and

Legal Match – homeschool lawyers

Contrary to what HSLDA might have you believe, the best protected homeschooler is an informed and proactive one who knows his or her civil rights, is familiar with the state laws and follows them, and who knows how to speak out on his or her own behalf. No one can sell you better protection than that.


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