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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Media Hype to the Contrary - Homeschooling not Threatened in FL

It was just a matter of time before local media tried to capitalize on legal problems three time zones away, but Tampa Bay 10 finally gave it a shot. In Ruling rattles homeschool parents (although it hasn't, as far as we've been able to tell -- a non-problem Tampa Bay 10 is evidently out to fix!), a local homeschooled parent is used to lend a little insight to homeschooling in FL, and then the inevitable tie-in is made.

“(Foisi) like thousands of families in the United States, has chosen to home school her children. She feels that along with a tailored lesson plan, she can monitor their behavior.

“Now that right has been challenged.”

No it hasn't. Our right to homeschool in FL has not been "challenged" in the least.

Media hype to the contrary, the CA homeschooling case has nothing whatever to do with homeschooling in FL, nor in most other states.

We operate under a clear set of homeschooling laws in FL, whereas CAs lack of clear laws in the issue there. Further, the case is more problematic for private schools than for homeschools anyway.

Second, "thousands" of homeschoolers is a bit of an understatement; There are 55,000 homeschoolers in FL alone, and at least hundreds of thousands and more likely millions -- probably at or above 2 million in the US today.

Which leads to, third, the "constitutionality" of homeschooling. The 10th amendment is the usually accepted articulation of our right to direct our children's education.

And the proof of the success and value of that right is clear in the overall success of homeschooled children over the past 30 years, with homeschooled youth overwhelmingly succeeding in college, business, and positions of leadership and stewardship.

I would counsel that, rather than succumbing to sensationalist press attempting to connect dots that don't exist, and creating a crisis of speculation,that folks take the time to educate themselves about homeschooling and other forms of parent directed education.

Rather than talking about "going underground", perhaps homeschoolers and those who work with us should consider pounding the pavement with the message of family involvement in a world that needs intentional living more than ever.

Theresa Willingham
LIFE of Florida

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