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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Future of Bright Futures

Recent news about the potentially shakey future of Bright Futures scholarships, a popular merit based program that can pay anything from 100% of community college tuition to 100% of university tuition, has prompted area families to inquire about its status. Information is difficult to come by, but LIFE of FL suggests you inform yourself about the latest arguments pro and con (see links below) and drop Governor Crist a line ( )with your thoughts, if you feel Bright Futures is important to you, since he appears to be its most influential supporter:

Additional articles/discussions:,0,4172612.column (read through the comments, too)
(old – 2004, but interesting) - even older, a 2003 rallying cry to "save Bright Futures"

You can also visit the Board of Governors website for more information on anything related to the FL University system or additional contact information: and to sign up for email updates regarding regulations changes.

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